Fri Jan 29 - Sat Jan 30

Downtown Enid Basketball Festival

Tickets will be limited to 4 attendees per particpant. Tickets are $5 and will be available to purchase at the box office of the Stride Bank Center.

Friday, January 29

11:20AM  Doors

12:20PM  Ringwood vs Pioneer – Girls

1:30PM  Ringwood vs Pioneer – Boys

2:40PM  Alva vs Morrison – Girls

3:50PM  Alva vs Morrison – Boys

5:00PM  Hooker vs Shattuck – Girls

6:10PM  Hooker vs Shattuck – Boys

7:20PM  Chisholm vs Cashion – Girls 

8:30PM  Chisholm vs Cashion - Boys

Saturday, January 30

11:20AM  Doors

12:20PM  Luther vs Pawnee – Girls

1:30PM  Luther vs Pawnee – Boys 

2:40PM  Watonga vs OBA – Girls

3:50PM  Watonga vs OBA– Boys

5:00PM  Garber vs. Minco – Girls

6:10PM  Garber vs. Minco – Boys

7:20PM  Hennessey vs Lomega – Girls

8:30PM  Hennessey vs Lomega – Boys 

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