Sun Feb 27 - Wed Jul 20

Enid Outlaws

The Enid Outlaws are back again for their 2nd season! Their first home game is Friday, March 11th at 7:00 pm. They look to win back-to-back titles in The Basketball League as the new season begins. You can go to their website below to see more about the team including their schedule and roster for this season.

Their 2022 Home Schedule is as follows:

  • March 11th vs Potawatomi Fire @ 7pm
  • March 13th vs Waco Royals @ 4pm
  • March 20th vs Little Rock Lightning @ 4pm
  • March 27th vs Rockwall 76ers @ 4pm
  • April 1st vs Potwatomi Fire @ 7pm
  • April 8th vs Potwatomi Fire @ 7pm
  • April 9th vs Rockwall 76ers @ 6pm
  • Apirl 21st vs Sugar Land Imperials @ 7pm
  • May 8th vs Dallas Skyline @ 4pm
  • May 15th vs Little Rock Lightning @ 4pm
  • May 28th vs Shreveport Mavericks @ 6pm
  • May 29th vs Beaumont Panthers @ 4pm