Sep 01 | 7:00 PM
Travis Ledoyt is a singer, songwriter and performer who gained notoriety with his tribute to Elvis Presley starting in 2001.
Jun 24 | 6:00 PM
Check out Doug Thompson on June 24 at the Stride Bank Center for a combination of hypnosis and comedy!
Sep 30 - Sep 30
America's Band, The Beach Boys performing live at Stride Bank Center on Saturday, September 30
Aug 19 | 12:00 PM
The Taco & Margarita Fest is coming to Stride Bank Center on Saturday, August 19th! VIP Doors are at 11 AM GA Doors are at 12 PM
Nov 03 | 8:00 PM
Join the original 'Brad Majors' - BARRY BOSTWICK - for a screening of the original unedited movie with a live shadow cast and audience participation! Plus a memorabilia display with artifacts and an actual costume from the movie, a costume contest,
Jul 28 | 8:00 PM
Chris Young will be performing live in Enid, Friday July 28th, which will mark the 10 year anniversary of Stride Bank Center.
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